Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature
Mark Isaak
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Wordplay: Vowels

Iouea de Laubenfels, 1955 (fossil sponge) Shortest with AEIOU (and 4 syllables in 5 letters).
Aiouea Aubl. (Lauraceae)
Eydouxia (screw-pine), Euryomia Burmeister, 1842 (beetle), Eumyobia Townsend, 1911 (fly), Joyeuxia Topsent, 1890 (sponge) Shortest with AEIOUY.
Sticharthropterus (beetle), Trichopentarthrum (beetle) Longest with AEIOU.
Antistrephorrhynchus (extinct crustacean) Longest with AEIOUY.
Lamelligomphus Fraser, 1922 (dragonfly), Phragelliorhynchus (protozoan) Longest with AEIOU in order (without and with Y).
Laetiporus Murr. (1904) (edible mushroom) Shortest genus with AEIOU in order.
annelidous ("pertaining to segmented worms") and adecticous ("with immobile mandibles", of pupae) Other short biological words with AEIOU in order.
Muroidea (rodent), Suoidea (superfamily including pigs), Juloidea (superfamily of millipedes) Shortest with AEIOU in reverse order.
Punctoschmidtella (crustacean) Longest with AEIOU in reverse order.
Oxyuroidea (superfamily of nematodes) with AEIOUY in reverse order.
Reticulomyxa (large amoeba) Alternating consonant and vowel with all six vowels.
Haemodipsus lyriocephalus (louse) All vowels in each name.
Cochlearius cochlearius cochlearius (boat-billed heron) - all 5 vowels in each name.
Ussolzewiechinogammarus (crustacean) Longest word which uses each vowel exactly twice.

Corydalis aeaeae X.F.Gao, Lidén, Y.W.Wang & Y.L.Peng, 2008 (herb) Aeaea is the island of the sorceress Kirke, and this is an enchanting plant. [Novon 18: 330.]
Corrugatocephalum ouei (marine cestode tapeworm from megamouth sharks)
Ia io (vespertilionid bat) Only all-vowel binomial.
Chicoreus beauii P. Fischer and Bernardi, 1857 (murex sea snail), and Cyclostremiscus beauii (Prosobranch gastropod from Florida) Five consecutive vowels
Bossiaeeae (a tribe within the legumes) Six consecutive vowels.
Iyaiyai Evenhuis, 1994 (fossil chaoborid fly) Seven consecutive vowels.
Trevelyana kouaouae Risbec, 1928 (nudibranch) Seven consecutive vowels.
Eoaequorea Tang et al. 2016 (Ediacaran hydrozoan-like fossil) Eight vowels in 10 letters.
Poria sequoiae (redwood trunk rot) Nine vowels in 13 letters. Mytoxia sequoiae (millipede) and Eoaequorea xingi give ten vowels in 15 letters.
Campsicnemus iii Evenhuis, 2011 (fly) The epithet honors John Papa I'i, leading 19th-century Hawaiian citizen and attendant to King Kamehameha II. [Bish. Mus. Occ. Pap. 109: 15]
Coelogyne yiii Schult. & de Vogel 2003 (Borneo orchid) named after a Mr. Yii. (See also Cavaticovelia aaa.)

I'm looking for candidates for longest genus and binomial with only one different vowel. Surely others can improve on:
Loxolophodon (Eocene ungulate)
Channa barca (F. Hamilton, 1822) (snakehead fish)

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