Jessica's Rights
by Mark Isaak

Young Sue for kids was unprepared,
So, pregnant, poor, unwed, and scared,
She sought, in lieu, a clinic to abort her pregnancy.
But there she met a holy man
Who kindly told her that God's plan
Was that she'd burn in an eternal state of agony.

"You sin!" exclaimed the righteous priest,
"You're evil! inhumane! a beast!
You can't just kill someone at will, and just because you like.
A guiltless babe you'd murder, who
Has rights as much as me or you,
And just to show that this is so, we'll ask the little tyke."

And he proceeded then to grope
Sue's belly with a stethoscope.
The sounds were soft, and Susan oft could not make out a word,
But, listening intently, she
Discerned a faint soliloquy
From in her gut, and this is what she heard (or thought she heard):

"Abortion issues, heaven knows,
Disquiet all us embryos.
This girl to whom you lent your womb philosophizes nights.
Because I'm less than voting age
Does not entitle curettage.
I want to live; you have to give me birth. I know my rights."

So Sue became an unwed mom
To daughter Jessica, and from
Her birth the tot declared what ought to come by rights to her.
"A life," she said, "has little worth
If rights expire at time of birth.
And I'll enforce my rights, of course. Of that you can be sure!"

Now, Jessica demanded that
A stimulating habitat
Was due her, though her mom was so completely destitute.
"You must buy things so I can grow
Up healthy mentally. I know
My rights. To end my growth would render my gestation moot."

In time, a fever virulent,
Made worse by undernourishment,
Struck Susan; then, at age of ten, an orphan Jess became.
But Jessy knew her rights. "A guest
Expects from hosts naught but the best.
A child whom you invite into the world deserves the same.

"I can't, without financial aid,
Reach full potential," Jessy said.
"(To get a good career, I should to college go someday.)
Which means society must now
Provide for me; it must endow
Me richly. Realistically, there is no other way."

She grew up blithe and lively then,
Embracing life, and also men.
Some people thought her conduct not of high morality.
"I want to live, not just exist,"
She said to them, "and I insist
You don't come near my private sphere. I know my rights, you see."

Her contraceptive failed by chance
In course of one short dalliance.
She mused and planned and pondered and decided to abort.
Outside the clinic, though, she found
A preacher wont to harp and hound,
Who, when she tried to pass beside him, rudely stopped her short.

"You're evil!" cried the priest, "You sin!
You bear a living child within!
Can you abide its homicide?" To this responded Jess,
"You call that living? Please observe
The fetus totally lacks verve,
And therefore it won't care a whit what rights it may possess.

"But me, I care what rights are mine.
I know my rights. You're out of line.
I won't let you abort my future plans for those of yours.
You're wrong to hound me with this strife.
I have a right to my own life!"
With that much said, she went ahead inside the clinic doors.

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